Artyzen Grand Lapa Hotel

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Artyzen Grand Lapa Hotel, Macau


Art Direction, Brand Position with Tag-line Creation, Visual Design Strategy on Packaging, Menus, and All Restaurant Designs.

Artyzen Grand Lapa Hotel is the Grand Dame of Macau with rich historical roots. Its cake shop is everyone's favourite go-to for special occasion gifts, cakes, and afternoon-tea indulgences with its colonial settings and mouth-watering delectable cake selections.

We reimagined the iconic AGL cake shop brand with art direction and visual strategy that pays homage to its heritage Portuguese architecture and culture. Its sublime, luxurious Terracotta colour palette further elevates AGL hotel guests' experience akin to a chic European holiday. Adding understated, nuanced Portuguese cultural references firmly immerses AGL cake shop as the iconic must-visit local Macanese destination with a sophisticated poetic Portuguese soul - the epitome of a Doce Vida!


Photo credit: Artyzen Grand Lapa Hotel, Macau