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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Branding, Graphic Design, Key Visual Design, Website UI Design.


AHKLC (The Association of Hong Kong Language Centres) is a non-profit academic organisation comprised of professional tertiary education teachers and experts. Tasked with brand creation to establish the new Association - our team crafted its visual brand identity and rolled it out to the website and UI designs, ensuring that one consistent brand voice expresses its brand values and personality.

The brand logomark is the visual interpretation of the Language system, devised from Speech (words) + Writing (paper). The two aspects are amalgamated to create a dynamic, cohesive visual signature. Further crafting the website UI and key-visuals to develop a professional, vibrant and kinetic brand position for this new esteemed academic organisation.

AHKLC logo
The Association of Hong Kong Language Centres
Scholarship of Teaching in Language Education


STiLE (Scholarship of Teaching in Language Education) is a sharing platform for practising tertiary-level language educators to publish their scholarly work. It is also the sister organisation and academic platform to AHKLC - they work in tandem, supporting one another in resources and networks, harnessing technology to enable collaborative multimodality publishing.

The brand logomark brings in the speech-bubble design element of AHKLC to form a cohesive alliance, housing the initial S created by a piece of graduation accreditation. STiLE's website design was created with a human-focus in mind; all key-visuals employed are emotive to engage and connect with end-users.